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The IMS Users Group represents independent insurance agencies that are utilizing the IMS agency management software by Xanatek.

Through education, company cooperation, and peer networking, we strive to maximize agencies’ productivity, efficiency and marketing within their office.

At the same time, the product enhancement and education create an environment to support and nurture the member agencies, and send needed feedback to Xanatek who in turn is able to continue the mutually beneficial circle of better IMS back to the agencies.

All IMS users are members of the IMS Users Group

“Xanatek is excited about the IMS User Group! We believe the greatest benefit is the sharing of information between your peers. If we survey 100 agents, we will find 75 different ways to do the same thing. The sharing of workflows, shortcuts, use, needs and more is valuable to you and Xanatek. The User Group is one more tool to help you utilize IMS to the fullest benefit.”

Brent Sheppard

Xanatek, Inc.

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